The strategy of the company is: “We create practical solutions of vacuum and cryogenic issues for a reasonable price”

We are:

  • Latvian limited liability company
  • established in July 2014
  • member of Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • member of Latvian Association of Refrigeration Engineers
  • regional distributor of “Thyracont Vacuum Instruments” GmbH in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuani

Cryogenic Systems

We design, make and deploy various systems to handle liquid nitrogen and helium:

  • cryogenic pumping stations
  • cryogenic liquefiers
  • storage and recirculation
  • in-house delivery / pipeline systems
  • mobile delivery / transportation systems
  • freeze drying systems
  • LNG small range liquefiers, storage, distribution and transportation systems

Leak Detection and High Vacuum Pump Stations

We delivered a number of tools that were able to create and measure a very high vacuum. Among many these were used for a spacecraft sealed bay leak search application.

Material Deposition and Coating Systems

We made some vacuum systems for material deposition. These worked with various targets including metals, carbon composites, poliimid films, optical glasses. We have a successful integration experience for both magnetron and plasmatron coating technologies.

Space Environment Simulators

We make space simulators for qualification and acceptance testing of large spacecrafts, sub-systems and components:

  • Designed for ECSS-E-ST-10-03C testing
  • Thermal-vacuum and leak testing capabilities
  • Simulate various in-orbit conditions including Sun radiation
  • Proof of concept and validation of spacecraft components (TRL3-6)

Freeze drying 

We design and make freeze drying equipment

FD10 / FD25 / FD50 / FD100 

  • Stainless steel vacuum chamber
  • Multichannel temperature registration system
  • Digital vacuum meter
  • Automatic control system
  • High quality vacuum and freezing equipment

Vacuum Transducers

We are distributor of “Thyracont Vacuum Instruments” GmbH in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania